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College Football Tours 
DEPARTURES:  Along the Shenandoah Valley
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Aug 31-Sept 1​, 2018  Tennessee vs WVA
​                                                     Bank of America Stadium 
                                                  ​           Charlotte, NC 
                                        Transfers, Hotel, Game Ticket, Tour Host​

Oct 6, 2018      Notre Dame Vs Va Tech 
                                                            Lane Stadium
                                                           Blacksburg, VA​​
                                   ​      Motorcoach, Game Ticket, Tailgate Party​

​​​TBA, Nov, 2018  Virginia VS VA Tech 
                                                             ​Lane Stadium
                                                            Blacksburg, VA​
                                         Motorcoach, Game Ticket, Tailgate Party​

Dec 8-9, 2018    Army VS Navy 
                                                             P​hiladelphia​, Pa
                                           Transfers, Amtrak, Game Ticket, Hotel​

Sat Aug 31, 2019   JMU VS WVA
                                                             Mo​rgantown, WVA​​
                                            Motorcoach, Game Ticket, Tailgate Party​