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Group Cruise
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 ​​​​ ​ Date                                                     Event                                        Price Starting at      Book BY
​​​​​​​Sept 13-22                 New England Cruise Depart Baltimore                       Various              Call
​​Sept 22-27                 Bermuda Cruise Departing Baltimore                         Various              Call

​Oct 7-15                   Cruise:  New Orleans to Memphis River Boat             Various              Call
Jan 14-19                 Cruise: 5 Night Celebrity  Western Caribbean            Various            Sept 15

​Feb 6-16                   Cruise: 
Hawaii 7 Day Cruise and Land Tour               Various             Dec 6
​​Feb 23-Mar 3          Cruise:  Bahamas from Baltimore                                  Various           Jan 1

Mar 29-April 7        Cruise:  Panama Canal Princess Island Princess            Call                Feb 1

​April 20-28                    Cruise:  Bermuda depart New York City-Norwegian Escape   Various             Feb 1

​May 5-13                  Cruise:  Mississippi River Boat Cruise Memphis to New Orleans  Until Sell Out
May 12-17                Cruise:  Bahamas from Norfolk  departs Mother's Day                      Mar 1
May 30-June 6         Cruise: American Cruise Line--Chesapeake Bay         TBA               TBA
​June 27-July 5        Cruise:  Alaska from Seattle  Celebrity Solstice           Various           Feb 28

​July 13-21                Cruise:  Viking River Boat Paris--Normandy Beaches     TBA          TBA

​Aug 17-26              Cruise:  Bermuda from New York Celebrity Summit   Various         May 20
Aug 17-Sept 1       Cruise:  Trans Atlantic on Queen Mary 2                       Various         June  1 

​Sept 27-Oct 6         Cruise:  New England​​​​ NYC Regal Princess and City Sights

​Oct 6-13                  Cruise:  Mississippi River New Orleans-Memphis       Various         
​Oct ​20-25                Cruise:  6 Night Bahamas Cruise from Norfolk           Various          Aug 15 
Feb 5-15                  Cruise:     Hawaii Cruise and Land Tour                       Various            Nov 1

Vista Music Theme Cruises...WE CAN BOOK FOR YOU.......​​
                          Nov​ 4-11, 2018    Music Theme:  Malt Shop Music
                          Jan 20-27, 2019   Music Theme:  Soul Train
                          Jan 27-Feb 3, 19  Music Theme:  Country Music
                          Feb 14-19, 2019   Music Theme:  Disco Music
                          Mar 25-30, 2019  Music Theme:  70's Rock
                          Mar 30-Apr 6, 19 Music Theme:  Flower Power​​​​​

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