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​ ​​​​​​​2018​​                                
Aug 31-Sept 3        MLB:  Braves @ Yankee Stadium  by train               Various                Aug 1
Aug 31-Sept 3
New York City Sightseeing by train                            Various​                Aug 1

Thurs-Sun Dec 6-9      Christmas Shopping in New York City                 Various               Nov 10
​Dec 29-Jan 1            New Years Eve in New York                                       Various               Sept 1
Jan 1-5                     Discover America:   Disney World                              Various             Dec 15
​​​Jan 18-21                 Discover America:  Ski Package                                  Various             Dec 15

​​Feb 21-24                 Discover America:   Miami Beach                               Various              Jan 25

​Mar 2-6                    Discover America:  Mardi Gras-New Orleans           Various               Feb 3

​May 9-13                 Discover America: San Diego                                       Various              Apr 9

​June 13-17               Discover America:   Atlanta                                          Various         May 25
June 25-30               Discover America:   Disney World                               Various         May 25   

​​July 3-7                   Discover America:  Boston                                             Various          June 1

​Aug 22-26               Discover America:  Chicago                                           Various          Aug 1

​Sept 12-16              Discover America:  Las Vegas and NASCAR               Various          Aug 1
Sept TBA               Discover America:   New England Fall Tour

​​Oct 26-Nov 2         Discover America:  Lone Star State-Texas                    Various         Oct 1