540-810-1196                Licensed, Insured and Bonded  
Van Terra Rentals​
Special Rates through 1-1-2018
Day Rate
$700 per day plus driver tip ($50) 
​Driver can only drive for 10 hours​ or 500 miles​ and ​be on duty for 15 hours​ per day before an 8 hour rest break.

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Hourly Rate
$75 per hour plus Driver Tip ($30)
4 Hour Minimum​
Wedding or Wine Tour
$350 per event plus Driver Tip ($30)
6 Hour Maximum, $50 per additional hour​
Sample Wine Tour Click here​
Overnight Rate
Day rate plus number of days plus driver room​
Airport Transfers
At this time we are not doing private shuttles to Airports
If you need a private shuttle
CALL Valley Connector
Beginning Feb 2, 2018 we will be offering a Scheduled shuttle departing JMU bookstore at 3:00 PM and Returning on Sunday.​
Student Shuttle Services
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