Travel Adventuresby Mike General Information
Information Needed To Book: Name and Date of Tour, Names, Address and Phone Number of Travelers
Deposits For Day trips payment in full within 7 days of booking, Or reservation will be canceled. .  For Overnight tours, $125 per person with balance due 4 or more weeks before departure, Due Date will be on your invoices.   The cost of the tour is subject to change and NO SEATS ARE HELD until we receive a deposit. . Prices for a tour are not locked in until payment is received.​ 
Vehicle Size:  We Specialize in small group transportation.  We have a 12 passenger Van that we utilize for most of our tours. Should a group size reach as many as 25, we will contract a Motorcoach
​Tour EscortAll of our tours have a tour host to handle all of your travel details. Your host is there to assist you on your trip.
Luggage: We ask that for overnight tours, you limit your luggage to one bag per person, some of our tours require you to handle your own luggage.  Remember when packing how long the tour is and pack accordingly.
TippingTipping is optional, however, Drivers and Hosts include tips as part of their income.  If you feel they have done their job above and beyond the call of duty, please reward them. The industry average is $2-$4 per day per person.
​SeatingSeats on the vehicle are on a first come-first serve basis.  We can reserve a seat for you if you have special circumstances.  Once you have occupied a seat, that is your space for the duration of the tour.
Event seatingMany of our seats at events are scattered through the arenas.  Each party will be seated together, but separate from the entire group.  Seating at an arena will determine the cost of the package.  Some seats cost more than others.  Your tickets are issued day of the trip.
​ RoomingOn overnight tours, hotel rooms are required.  Many times hotels will scatter the group about the hotel.  We can request rooms together for parties in more than one room.  When looking at a cost of the trip the term Quad means 4 persons per room, Triple is 3 persons per room, Double is 2 persons per room, and Single is 1 person in a room.
​​InsuranceMany of our tours include event tickets, and other non refundable services.  We offer a Travel Guard Insurance which protects you in need of cancellation and serves as a travel insurance.   
Tour ​​Cancellations​​​​​​ Sometimes we need to cancel a tour.  It is our policy to cancel an overnight tour 30-45 days before travel if we have not reached our minimum required for the trip, or do not think we will reach that minimum. For day trips we make the decision to cancel 14 days before the trip. For open water tours, like fishing and Tangier Island, the tour may be canceled up to the day of tour due to weather conditions.
​​Customer Cancellations Cancellations must be received in writing by the person named on the invoice.  For ticketed events the event ticket is NON REFUNDABLE For overnight trips, the hotel room will have a 1 night cancellation fee. Should your cancellation cause the tour to fall below the minimum required for travel, there will be NO REFUND  Cancellation must be received 14 days or more for a refund.Cancellation Insurance is recomended. By accepting a receipt for payment is acknowledging you have read our cancellation policy and agree with the terms and conditions stated.  You have the option of finding a replacement, however this office must be notified immediately.  The replacement party must contact us and provide all pertinent information before departure. 
​​RefundsRefunds will be issued within 2-4 weeks upon trip cancellation.
Private tripsWe can arrange a tour for any group for any destination.  Churches, Schools, Clubs, Organizations or Businesses. 
Our staff, as the tour operator, act only as agents for the various companies whose accommodations are utilized.  They assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the service of bus, train, vessel, carriage, automobile, airplane, boat or other conveyance which will be used either wholly or in part, including but not limited to a paid escort and a caterer.  Neither will they be responsible for any act, error, omission, or any injury, loss, accident or any delay which may be occasioned by reason of defect in any vehicle or through neglect or default of any company or persons engaged in the conveying of passengers.
2.  ​​The tour directors accept no responsibility for losses or additional expense due to changes of any other conveyance or facility used in the tour, sickness, accident, WEATHER, strikes, war or quarantine; all expenses must be borne by the passenger.  The transportation companies concerned are not to be held for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not aboard their Vehicle or other conveyance. 
3.  ​​Personal effects are at owner's risk. 
4.  Once the trip has started and an event is cancelled or postponed for any reason the tour group will wait until the official word of cancellation or postponement to return home or the next destination.  It is your responsibility to make arrangement to return to see the event. NO REFUNDS
5.  ​​We reserve the right to reject or terminate the membership of any person whom the management may consider objectionable or disruptive to the operation of the tour. 
​6. All tours are NON-SMOKING tours.  Regular stops are made to accommodate our smoking clients. 
7. ​​You are asked to respect those around you and to keep your actions and language within a civilized manner.  The vehicle operator and/or host reserve the right to notify those they deem unruly or out of order.  Those persons will be notified immediately. 
8.  At Pick up point, we will wait for 15 minutes after scheduled time, and after the event we will wait 45 minutes after the event.  ​​Should any person(s) find themselves in trouble during the event,  and unable to get on the designated vehicle at the required times, it will be their responsibility to acquire transportation home.
9.  The right is reserved to make chang   es in the itinerary, sightseeing, and routing as circumstances may make necessary.
10.  Any person needing attendant care must be accompanied by his or her attendant. 
11.  Coolers 11x9x11 will be permitted on coach.  NO ICE on coach.  Use ice packs or frozen bottles of water. ​​​​ NO Glass is allowed            12.   Current videos, and music are played on tours, Adventures-N-Travel assumes no responsibility for content​​​.
13.  Traveling and Sporting Events are potentially dangerous to spectators.  It is a condition of traveling, that Adventures-N-Travel will not be held responsible for any damage, injury, or death to persons or property by gaining admission to said events; however caused and no matter whether such damages, injury, or death be foreseeable or negligent.                                                                          Revised:5//2021
​Pickup Locations:  
Staunton:         Park-n-ride @ Royal Station beside Rowe's Restaurant         ​Harrisonburg:​  Regal Cinemas
New Market:   Rebel Park Baseball Center                                                     Woodstock:      Walmart Shopping Center close to Subway
Front Royal:   Park-N-Ride                                                                             Winchester:      Pharmhouse Shopping Center, Gold's Gym​
​​​​​E                                                                       Phone:Mike-  540-810-1196       
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