Travel Adventures
b​y Mike  

Sight and Sound Theatre​                   540-810-1196
In my opinion, this is the best performance ever produced
by the Sight & Sound Theatre​

Tour Host,​ Lunch at Bird in Hand,​ Show Ticket
All performances are at 3:00 PM
$159 for Wednesday  ​$179 for Saturday Performances
Must have minimum travelers 21 days before date of performance. 
Departures :   ​Along the Shenandoah Valley

​ *Wed May 16, 2018      *Sat June 23, 2018
*​Wed July 25, 2018         ​*Sat Oct 20, 2018 
*Wed Dec 5, 2018

Call about Private Dates ​​for your church or group
We hope to have you travel with us this year!!​

We just got back from the Premier Grand Opening of: