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Best Email to reach us:  MikePackett@aol.com
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​​ Licensed, Insured and Bonded
                      End of Year Shuttles
​               DULLES Airport and Metro
              ​REAGAN Airport and Metro

                              All Shuttles $47 per person Dulles and $50 per person Reagan
​​​Wed May 2   
​Shuttle #42
  SOLD OUT....
​Departs JMU  @  4:00 PM--Arrives  Dulles   6:00 PM   Reagan 7:00 PM

​Thurs May 3                                                           Book online: Click here
Shuttle #43
Departs JMU at 7:00 AM---Arrives Dulles 9:00 AM   Reagan 10:00 AM

Shuttle #44​​​​​​​​​
           Sold out....CALL FOR OPTIONS
Departs JMU at 2:00 PM   Arrives Dulles 4:00 PM    Reagan  5:00 PM

​Friday May 4                                                         Book online: Click here
​Shuttle #45
Departs JMU 6:00 AM       Arrives Dulles 8:00 AM      Reagan 9:00 AM ​ 

***Private shuttles direct to your destination can be arranged for departure at your specific times.  All shuttles must be arranged at least 3 days in advance.***

​​Private Shuttle Cost:
  Price is for Dulles airport, other airports additional costs
​Price determined on number of persons traveling
1 person $175​  2 persons $95 per person 3 persons  $65 per person  4 persons or more $48​ 
Cost Determined on Wednesday before the shuttle.

                                             Special:  NO BAGGAGE FEES

Student Shuttle Services