We now offer 3 types of shuttle services

Public shuttles...listed below where any student can book to the local Airports..Dulles and Reagan.  We offer these shuttles during the major October, November, December, January and March JMU school breaks.   The cost of these shuttles are less than the other types that we have because there are more travelers to share the costs.  These shuttles are usually in our 12 passenger van or minibus.

Private Car Service...​This is for days, times and destinations that our public shuttles do not travel to.  We can arrange to pick you up at any location at whatever time you desire and travel to any destination. This service is usually in mini vans, linclon towne cars, or other comparable vehicles. The costs of private cars are more expensive than the public shuttles due to the fact there are fewer travelers in the vehicle.  For popular destinations click here for the pricing. 

3.  Brewery and Wine Tours...We offer transportation to local breweries and wineries in the area.  We usually travel to about 4-5 tasting vendors during a tour.  We have routes planned out or we can customize a tour just for your group.  We need at least 6 persons to arrange a tour and have a maximum of 10 travelers.  Generally the cost of a tour is $550 plus driver tip for the vehicle, not including the beer or wine.​ These tours are set up on an individual basis to meet your needs.  Click here for some examples of our tours. 
             JMU Public Shuttles to Airports 2022-2023 School Year
                         ​​Costs: $52 to Dulles   $59 to Reagan plus Tax. ​​​​​​
                         NOTE Shuttles may be delayed due to traffic, weather or delay flights
                                   ​​Plan your shuttle to arrive at airport 2 hours before flight​
                                                    ​​​3 hours for international  flights
        Shuttles depart from Bookstore and 10 minutes later at The Festival Food Service
                       For Pickup/returns within 3 miles of the Bookstore or Festival $8 extra​
           ​For dates and times not listed we can do a private shuttle. Private shuttles must be         arranged at least 3 days before departure. Dulles is $195 each way per vehicle for up to 4     persons and Reagan is $225 each way per vehicle for up to 4 people. There are extensive                                                       variable tolls to Reagan airport.
                                                        Other airports and Destinations available                  
                    1 large bag and 1 carry on bag                                  UPDATED May 16,  2022      1:32 pm
​​​                              Private Shuttles only available​​ 
​                              For pricing to various airports,
                                            click here

​October Fall Break
​​  Shuttle #1      Tuesday  Oct 11                                     Book Online
Depart JMU 4:00 PM  Arrive Dulles   6:00 PM
                                      Arrive Reagan 6:45 PM
  ​Shuttle #2       Wednesday  Oct 12                               Book Online
Depart  JMU 7:00 AM  Arrive Dulles   9:00 AM 
                                       Arrive​ Reagan 9:45 AM

  Shuttle #3       Sunday  Oct 16                                     Book Online        
Depart Reagan ​4:30 PM 
Depart​​ Dulles   5:15 PM      Arrive JMU  7:15 PM

November Thanksgiving Break
Shuttle #4        Thurs Nov 17                                        Book Online
Depart JMU ​4 pm    Arrive Dulles   6:00 PM
                                  Arrive Reagan 6:45 PM
Shuttle #5        Fri     Nov 18                                        Book Online
Depart JMU​ 6 AM   Arrive Dulles    8:00 AM
                                  Arrive Reagan 8:45 AM

Shuttle #6     Fri       Nov 18                                         Book Online
Depart JMU Noon   Arrive Dulles   2:00 PM 
                                  Arrive Reagan 2:45 PM
Shuttle #7    Fri       Nov 18                                          Book Online      
Depart JMU 6 PM     Arrive Dulles only 8:00 PM

November Return
Shuttle #8   ​​Sun   Nov 27                                              Book Online
​ Depart Reagan 11:00 AM
 Depart Dulles   11:45 AM       Arrive JMU 1:45 PM
Shuttle #9    Sun  Nov 27                                              Book Online
Depart Reagan   ​​2:00 PM
Depart Dulles​     2:45 PM        Arrive JMU   4:45 PM

​Shuttle #10   Sun Nov 27                                              Book Online

​​Depart Dulles 5:00 PM            Arrive JMU 7:00 PM

December Break
Shuttle #11 Thurs Dec 15                                             Book Online
​Depart JMU ​4 PM                    Arrive Dulles      6:00 PM
​                                                   Arrive Reagan    6:45 PM

​Shuttle #12  ​Fri   Dec 16
                                              Book Online  
​Depart JMU 6 AM                    Arrive Dulles      8:00 AM
                                                   Arrive Reagan    8:45 AM​

​Shuttle #13  Fri  Dec 16                                               Book Online
Depart JMU ​Noon                   Arrive Dulles       2:00 PM
                                                  Arrive ​Reagan     2:45 PM
Shuttle #14  Fri Dec 16                                                Book Online
Depart JMU ​6 PM                   Arrive Dulles only  8:00 PM
January Return
Shuttle #15 Sun Jan 15                                                Book Online
​ Depart Reagan   11:00 AM       
Depart Dulles      11:45 AM           Arrive JMU 2:00 PM
​ Shuttle #16  Sun Jan 15                                              Book Online      
​ Depart Reagan 
2:00  PM 
Depart Dulles     2:45 PM              Arrive JMU   5:00 PM​
Shuttle #17 Sun Jan 15                                               Book Online
​Depart Reagan 5:00 PM
Depart Dulles   5:45 PM               Arrive JMU   8:00 PM

Shuttle #17A Mon Jan 16, Martin Luther King Day NO Class
Depart Reagan NOON                                                 Book Online
Depart Dulles 
 1:00 PM​​​​                Arrive JMU  3:00 PM

Spring Break
Shuttle #18  Thurs March 9                                        Book Online
​Depart JMU 4:00 PM                    Arrive Dulles    6:00 PM
                                                        Arrive Reagan  6:45 PM
Shuttle #19   Fri   March 10                                       Book Online
Depart JMU ​6:00 AM                      Arrive Dulles      8:00 AM            
                                                          Arrive Reagan    8:45 AM

​​Shuttle #20  Fri   March 10                                        Book Online      
​Depart JMU NOON                        Arrive Dulles       2:00 PM
​                                                         Arrive Reagan     2:45 PM
 Shuttle #21  Fri  March 10                                        Book Online
Depart JMU 6 PM                           Arrive Dulles only   8:00 PM

March Return
​​​Shuttle #22  Sunday March 19                                  Book Online
Depart Reagan  11:00 AM   

​Depart Dulles    11:45 AM               Arrive JMU  2:00 PM

Shuttle #23   Sun March 19                                      Book Online
​​​Depart Reagan 2:00 ​PM
Depart Dulles   2:45 PM                 Arrive JMU 5:00 PM

Shuttle #24   Sun March 19                                      Book Online  
Departs Reagan   6:00  PM
 Departs ​Dulles     6:45 PM             Arrive JMU 9:00 PM
 Shuttle Service
"​Mo​re than a Ride--Personalized Service"
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