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Alpha Phi  Alumni
​Party Events
Blacksburg, Va Beach, Baltimore/DC. Harrisonburg
Fri-Sun ​Jan 24-26     Ski Weekend at Massanutten Resort....with Water Park.
-July 23-25          Betas invade Baltimore
​Sept 17-20           Betas Turn Country-Nashville and Middle Tenn Vs VA Tech Football   
Jan 22-24           Ski Weekend at Massanattun with Water Park
Feb 7-19             Cruise:  Super Bowl Party, New Orleans Mardi Gras on Celebrity Ship​
April 15-18        Annual Grand Reunion in Blacksburg
July 2-5              Betas take over DC-Clean the Swamp
Sept 16-19          Betas Attack West Virginia--VA Tech vs West Va football game
​​​​​​​​​​​​Jan                      Ski Weekend
April                   Grand Reunion in Blacksburg
July 1-3              Betas take over Richmond-Kings Dominion and Golf               -
​Sept 1-4              Beta Beach Bash and Tech vs ODU Football
Nov 16-26, 2022..... 50 year Golden  Anniversary Hawaii Cruise .....Party in San Diego, CA on the way to Hawaii.....Celebrate  in Style...​Details to follow...​
​ Alumni, Guests, Parents, Ex wifes, Sweet Hearts and anyone that a member chooses to bring are WELCOME.