Smithsonian Museums:
​  Sat Sept 17 and Sat Nov 12, 2022
 $85...Must have 10 passengers  Or Date of your choice for groups
Drop offs at:  Museum of Art,  Museum of the Bible
​  African American Museum
  ​​Departs at 8:00 AM  Shenandoah Valley
Rest Stop at Haymarket Sheetz
Depart Museum @5:45 PM            ​Home by 10:15 PM​
D​inner at ​ Silver Diner in Arlington, VA 
​on your own

Sight and Sound Theater
Lancaster, PA
Transportation:  Lunch at Bird in Hand Restaurant
David Show @ 3:00 PM​
Excellent center seats available
Dinner at Front Street Diner on your own
Sat Oct 15 and Sat Dec 3, 2022  $199​ person​​​​​
Or dates of​ your choice
​Reserving Seats for Moses in 2023​                                         540-810-1196