​1.  Storage Services
    WE will deliver boxes to you to box up your belongings, pick them up and store them  in a climate controlled inside storage unit in the area for the summer and upon arrival back to JMU we will deliver them to your specificed address.  We pick up in May and deliver in August.  4 month minimum.

​ How the system works
  Contact us to deliver 5 boxes, tape to your dorm or apartment on April 26, 27. 28 for the cost of the boxes.. $49.50 plus tax for the boxes. We charge for the pick up, storage and delivery of your belongings in one fee.  Clickk the link  for pricing.
Click here for pricing​

​​Fill out the form.  or call, text or email us.  We will send you a confirmation by email of the items you want stored and an itemized price listing of your items.  If acceptable, we will deliver your boxes and arrange a time to pick up and deliver your belongings.

We will pick up your boxes and other items on May 7-10 

We will store your items for May-August in a climate controlled storage unit in the area.

Upon arriving back on campus we will deliver your belongings to your new dorm room or apartment.  Aug 15-30.​​

​​​​2.  Shipping Services
We can ship your belongings to any location rather than store them.
The cost is $20 per box to pick up plus the UPS shipping fee.  ​​

3.  Move Out Services for YOUR storage unit
 We will pick up your belongings and move them to your storage unit and deliver them in August for the following fee

                                                $225  Each way
​ For 2 men and a pick up truck for 2 hours​.  $50 for each additional hour.
We must have a listing of your belongings in advance, as well as be with the crew upon unloading at your unit.  You must provide your own transportation to and from your storage unit.

​ Student Storage amd Shipping Services
"​Trust Your Belongings to Someone that Cares"
Operated by:​  Adventures-N-Travel
Call or Text:  540-810-1196  Email:  MikePackett@aol.com​​
To Book Online:  Click Here
​Licensed, Insured and Bonded​​