Pricing determined once tickets go on sale.
Private Tours Only...

Show Ticket and Transportation Included. Dinner at Inner Harbor Restaurant of your Choice on your own
ORCHESTRA or  Lower BALCONY  or Upper Balcony
 Private Tours only        
June 7-18 Disney's Frozen​ * Sept 23-30 ​The Wiz​​​​
Oct 24-29...Funny Girl * 
Dec 8-17​​ Moulin Rouge! The Musica
Dec 18-19 Nutcracker!  Magical Christmas Ballet 
Jan 30-Feb 4 ​Mrs. Doubtfire* Feb 20-25 Peter Pan  
Mar 19-24 The Book of Mormon * April 16-21 Mamma Mia!
May 7-12  Clue June 25-30 
Beetle Juice​​
Transportation and Show Ticket  
Dinner at Silver Diner in Arlington before show on your 0wn​
Orchestra or 1st tier Balcony or Upper Balcony
Private Tours only...

​July 10-Aug 13, 2023​...The Play That Gos Wrong
​​Aug 9-Sept 24, 2023...Moulin Rouge! The Musical 
Oct 6​-15  ​tick,tick...BOOM! * Nov 22-26 Bluey's Big Play​

Dec 20-Jan 21 Disney's Frozen
 9-21 Message in a Bottle
May 7-June 2 Dixie's Tupperware Party
June 7-16 Nine * June 25-30 The Kite Runner
June 25-July 14 Funny Girl
June 23-Aug 11 Back to the Future
Aug 13-Sept 1
Mamma Mia!​​​​​​​​​​​             540-810-1196